Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you will find answers to the most asked questions regarding the company and operating the platform.

Affiliate Program

What does the company do?

Altera Global is a company that offers its clients cutting-edge investment services as well as business-building tools to earn profits for the company and its clients.


What is the company's profit based on?

The company adopts advanced techniques to make profits in the cryptocurrency market. Those techniques include Intrade Trading, Swing Trading, Futures and Options Trading, Long Term Trading, Liquidity Farming, Conversion.


Are your company's activities legal?

Certainly. Altera Global fully complies with the legislation of the country where it was registered. Additionally, Altera Global operates in strict compliance with international standards and regulations. We have all the necessary licenses and permits to conduct investment activities globally.


Are my investments safe and what is the company doing to protect them?

Yes, by investing in a company you can be sure that your funds are safe. To achieve this, the company founded the Altera Secure Asset Fund (ASAF). This fund was created to protect partners’ funds from critical situations.

ASAF wallet addresses:

Bitcoin (BTC) – 14E6xfgY2yCr2pqyiDKSseEMQcs18oVBss (

Litecoin (LTC) – LfoLWkSeSf4NmHgdmXsv1mxFYuckyVhf5a (

Ethereum (ETH) – 0x9030dcb01830eaa3d8ba285a824a05d8fb489ad0 (

Tron (TRX) - TE9ocy8tYdkmmBg2LDf3qPweeTgBERWAoM (

USDT(ERC-20) – 0x4ee7bbc295a090ad0f6db12fe7ee4dc8de896400 (

USDT(TRC-20) – TLvpkJy9cn695PZLU2fEKYbfVDDpUymZvR (

USDT(BEP-20) – 0xDc0b57380A6ef8ea46a2B068F1cbAFA0b1737e4f (


How is the account and personal information secured?

We leverage advanced data protection and encryption technologies, such as SSL, to keep your data secure during transmission over the network.
Additional actions include confirmation of actions via email, automatic logout after a period of inactivity and regular system security checks.


How do I get registered on the company's platform?

To register on the main page of the company's platform, you need to click on the "Sign Up" button and then fill out a simple registration form. Please make sure to double-check the accuracy of the entered data and use a secure password.


I forgot my account password. How can I restore it?

To reset your account password, you need to click on the "Login" button on the main page of the company's platform. In this window, below the password field, there is an option "Forgot your password?" Click on this option and follow the simple steps to restore your account password.


How can I change my personal information in my account?

Log in to your personal account and navigate to the "Settings" section, then select "Personal settings", and change the data.


Can I register multiple accounts?

No, having multiple accounts is strictly prohibited. The company's security team carefully monitors and blocks them.


How do I contact technical support?

The simplest way is to use the online chat, which is in the bottom right corner of any page on the company's platform. Additionally, in the "Contact" section, you can submit a request using the form or contact the company's support via mail, phone number, or any of the social networks.


How to withdraw funds?

To withdraw the funds, go to the "Withdrawal" section in your personal account and select the funds you want to withdraw. Create a withdrawal request following the provided instructions.


How long does it take to process a withdrawal request?

Typically, withdrawal requests are processed automatically after a security check. On average, this process takes between 5 to 10 minutes. However, in the event of a high volume of requests, the processing time may be longer.


How quickly will the funds arrive in my cryptocurrency wallet?

After your withdrawal request has been successfully processed, the time it takes for the funds to arrive depends on the specific cryptocurrency and your cryptocurrency wallet.


Are there any withdrawal fees?

The company does not charge withdrawal fees.


How can I change or add a wallet for withdrawal?

To change or add a wallet for withdrawal, navigate to the "Settings" section in your personal account. Then select the "Wallet settings" option and make the necessary modifications to your wallet information.


Can I withdraw funds in another cryptocurrency?

Yes, you can withdraw funds in another cryptocurrency. To do this, navigate to the "Exchange" section in your personal account and exchange your funds to the desired cryptocurrency. Please note that a 2% commission fee is applicable for the exchange.


What are the minimum withdrawal amounts?

Bitcoin (BTC) – 0.0011 BTC
Litecoin (LTC) - 0.075 LTC
Ethereum (ETH) – 0.022 ETH
Tron (TRX) – 60 TRX
Binance (BNB) - 0.02 BNB
USDT(ERC-20) – 35 USDT


How can I deposit funds to my balance?

To deposit funds to your balance, go to the "Your Wallet" section in your personal account, click on the "Settings wallet" button, choose the currency you need, create a request, and transfer funds to the provided requisites.


What are the minimum amounts to deposit?

Bitcoin (BTC) – 0.00007 BTC
Litecoin (LTC) - 0.03 LTC
Ethereum (ETH) – 0.0012 ETH
Tron (TRX) – 20 TRX
Binance (BNB) - 0.0095 BNB


How quickly will the funds be credited to my balance?

The funds are displayed on your balance instantly upon receipt by the company.
After you transfer the funds to the provided details, the time of fund arrival depends on the specific cryptocurrency and your cryptocurrency wallet.


Are there any commissions when depositing funds?

The company does not charge any commissions for depositing funds. However, there may be transfer fees on the side of your cryptocurrency wallet or exchange.


How do I activate a deposit plan?

Please go to your personal account and navigate to the "Open Deposit" section to activate the deposit plan that you need.


How often are investment profits accrued?

Profits on investments are accrued from Monday to Friday, every 24 hours from the moment of deposit plan activation.


How to calculate the approximate profit for my investment?

You can do this on the platform's main page, go to the "Deposits" section where you'll find the "Profit Calculator" option. By selecting the desired deposit plan, you will be able to calculate the approximate profit for your investment.


Where can I find the referral link?

You can find the referral link in the "Dashboard" and "Affiliate" sections in your personal account.


How does the referral program work?

By sharing your referral link, partners who register through it will be automatically linked to your account. After your partners make investments, you will earn rewards to your balance, depending on your Status and the line in which the partner is positioned.


How can I become a member of the referral program?

To participate in the referral program, you need to register an account. After registration, you will be given the "Participant" status and you will be able to use the referral link.


What is the referral program fee?

The amount of referral rewards depends on your status and the line in which the partner who made the investment is placed. You can find more detailed information about this in the "Affiliates" section on the platform's main page.


How can I track the activity of my referrals?

You can track the activity of your referrals in your personal account in the "Affiliate" section. You can monitor your referrals' investments in your personal account in the "History" section.